Innovation underground

Welcome to HAMMERDRUM, the youngest "underground" start-up in Switzerland. We are pursuing the vision of developing a technology that can one day drill the deepest microtunnel. 



Geothermal energy is one of the most reliable energy sources of all. However, the use of geothermal energy is limited by various geological conditions. In addition, electricity generation through geothermal energy often appears unattractive due to the disproportionate construction costs and the risk of earthquakes.


The geological limitations, as well as the risk of triggering an earthquake, could be circumvented by a closed loop system. However, there is no technology available that can carry out such excavations reliably, efficiently and accurately. We at HAMMERDRUM are developing this technology. For more information about geothermal energy, click here


How do we want to achieve this?

In addition to our top secret technology, we rely on our patented impact milling system, which combines the maximum force of a hydraulic hammer with the area performance of a rock cutter. 

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